Recommended Reading: On Fluoride, Mercury, Obesity & Cancer, Cholesterol Cons and Yoga over HRT

1945 Human Experiment Predicts Current Fluoride Ill Effects
A fascinating overview of a mid-20th century study showing increases in “bone defects, anemia and earlier female menstruation in children purposefully dosed with sodium fluoride-laced drinking water” and the legacy of the ongoing fluoridation experiment that makes great numbers of the American population into human guinea pigs. (Also see the recent news item, “Fluoride May Damage the Brain, New Report Says.”)

Are Your Teeth Toxic?
From Chronogram Magazine, a good introduction to the dental mercury problem and the ongoing battle to completely end its use in amalgam fillings. Though it covers common ground, it’s a must-read for those who think those fillings aren’t a problem. In it, New York dentist Jeffrey Viglielmo cuts to the heart of the matter: “New York State has now mandated that all dental offices have a special sedimentation filter on their waste water line so we do not allow mercury to enter the sewer system….So it is illegal to flush it down the drain for its effects on the environment, but we can put it in your mouth and let you leave our health care offices? Something is wrong with that picture, isn’t there?”

The Link Between Obesity, Cancer and Toxicity, Part I & Part II
A comprehensive look at the research showing how excess fatty tissue serves as a harbor for all manner of endo- and exotoxins and raises risk for a whole array of cancers, exacerbated by poor dietary habits. The second part of the article covers the benefits of detoxifying with respect to obesity and cancer, and provides some sound, though generic, guidelines for doing so. But before embarking on any kind of detox, it is vital that you consult with a qualified holistic, biological practitioner to chart a course specific to your individual needs and guard against any protocol doing more harm than good.

The Cholesterol Con: Where Were the Doctors?
An eye-opening piece on why everything you think you know about cholesterol and health is wrong, and how it got to be wrong. As in so many other cases, we have an instance of the drugs – here, statins – dictating the science that ultimately and unsurprisingly turns out to be dead wrong. (For an engrossing and provocative book-length exploration of the subject, check out Dr. Malcom Kendrick’s The Great Cholesterol Con.)

The Graceful Change
Who needs hormone replacement therapy when there’s yoga? This wonderful article from Yoga Journal explores how yoga can be used to manage the physical changes accompanying menopause. The author spends a good amount of time describing both the physical and mental effects of menopause, then turns to specific recommendations (including poses) for dealing with hot flashes, anxiety and other classic phenomena.

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