What the World Needs Now…

…is more chocolate flavored toothpaste?

Chocolate Toothpaste

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From a 2006 media release:

“By bringing in new flavours that have never been tasted in toothpaste before, we are using this launch to recruit new users to the brand,” Ahmed Osilan, Close Up’s brand manager for the GCC told Retail News Middle East.

“Our vision is to become legends of oral hygiene by leading the market with delicious new flavours and by dominating the top-end channel, which is the key accounts and the big supermarkets….”

* * * *

In the meantime, the three flavours will also have a strong presence in supermarkets, not least because each flavour will be present in two positions; in the toothpaste section, and in another part of the store that corresponds with the flavour of the toothpaste. “The Choco Loco product will be stocked alongside chocolate bars and the lychee flavour paste will also be found among the fruit section. It’s to higher the alert,” Osilan said.

You can read the whole thing here.

No word if this never-before-tasted toothpaste flavor will ever be available in the U.S….

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