Quick Links: Oral Piercing Problems, Organic Food Quality, Compact Fluorescent Bulb Safety & More Pharma Phollies

Warning for Teens: Teeth and Jewelry Don’t Mix (Science Daily)

Is Organic Food Really Healthier? (Earth Land Journal, via Alternet)

Are Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs Dangerous? (Scientific American)

Key Opinion Leaders: Independent Experts of Drug Representatives in Disguise? (BMJ)

6/24 Addendum – Re: the SciAm article on fluorescent lightbulbs, Dr. Verigin adds,

If mercury is that much of a problem, why do insurance companies insist that dental patients have their teeth filled with the same, especially those with the budget type plans that most corporations offer their employees? Mercury in fillings set in the upper back teeth are only about an inch and a half away from the brain and release poisonous mercury vapor every time the person bites down….

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