Junk Food Longevity? A Misleading Lead

Check out the headline in this screenshot from a recent article posted on the Vacaville (CA) Reporter site:

Vacaville Reporter Headline Screenshot

There’s just one problem: the subject of the story, 102 year old Samuel Cancimilla, doesn’t really claim that junk food has been good for him. The writer does list his favorite sweets but then includes some more likely reasons for Cancimilla’s longevity:

“You know what keeps me young,” he whispered. “I have two girlfriends. They’re really good cooks.”
*    *    *
He exercises every day, eats two eggs every morning and always has a smile on his face.

“If you stop, it’s over,” he quipped.

*    *    *

“No prescription drugs. Let nature take its course,” Cancimilla said emphatically. He added, “Don’t let anything get you down.”

But that doesn’t make for nearly as tantalizing a lead as the fantasy that we can eat junk freely, as much and as often as we want, without negative consequence.

His Secret for 102? Lots of Junkfood

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