Speedy Orthodontics – A Good Thing?

People have become impatient, expecting instant gratification or results from whatever we want or pursue. This is one of the reasons Big Pharma and industrial medicine have had such success in pushing pills: the idea is that if you take this pill, you’ll feel better straight away…not by actually curing the condition but suppressing symptoms. Unfortunately, this only creates more illness in the long run.

But many of us tend not to think of the long run. We’re too busy thinking about now.

This need for speed is now showing up in the world of orthodontic treatment:

Led by Hessam Nowzari DDS, PhD, Director of the USC School of Dentistry, and Advanced Education in Periodontology program, …researchers have published the first case study of the successful use of a patient’s own bone material for the grafting necessary in [an] accelerated orthodontic surgical procedure. The report appears in the May 2008 issue of the Compendium of Continuing Education in Dentistry.

Accelerated orthodontics is gaining popularity as a way for patients, particularly adults with mature bones, to speed up the time it takes to straighten misaligned bites and fix crowded teeth.

Is the time saved worth the trauma of horsing the teeth into place by slicing grooves into the bone or transplanting tissue there?

We say no, just gently nudge the teeth into place so the neuromuscular system and the bone get used to the teeth being in a new position – just as a gardener would never force a tree or shrub to bend in a certain direction but gently train it to grow in the preferred direction over time. You let nature then take its course.

USC School of Dentistry Researchers Use a Patient’s Own Bone to Accelerate Orthodontics (Medical News Today)

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