Follow-up: Report on Recent Mercury Hearing Now Available from the IAOMT

From IAOMT News:

On July 8, 2008, the Domestic Policy Subcommittee of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform held a hearing entitled,”Assessing State and Local Regulations to Reduce Dental Mercury Emissions.”

Representatives of the IAOMT and the Mercury Policy Project testified, along with scientists, wastewater experts, and a lawyer for the ADA. The hearing proved that voluntary measures to reduce dental mercury emissions in wastewater, such as the ADA’s Best Management Practices, do not work. Our lobbyist in Washington, DC, Mr. John Rowe, provides us with an extensive report.

Read the full report here (PDF).

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  1. Thank you so much for highlighting the human health risks and the environmental pollution aspects of dental mercury amalgam use. We all need the information to think through the complete cycle of how we become contaminated with mercury. It is not just through the use of dental fillings but also in the public water supply and our food sources, with the problems of sludge being used on farm fields as fertilizer and personal gardens with the use of bagged sludge for garden use.

    We need to wake up as citizens and require changes by law with stiff penalities. I once talked with a public relations representative of a steel company and our conversation included her assessment that the reason we have so much environmental pollution by industry is the weak fines. When the fines became higher than the cost of retrofitting our existing industrial and manufacturing plants we will have a massive change. She said the tech is there to handle most environmental pollution but there is no will on the part of execs because the fines are cheap and they pay those instead of changing. Lets make it doable with increase fines and laws banning the use of mercury period.

    The neurotoxicity is affecting people in our medical practice, we have people in our sauna program lowering the level of mercury in their bodies and recovering some of their function. The idea would be not to have the exposures in the first place. Coleen Maulfair. Maulfair Medical Center Conversations.

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