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The Well Being Journal is the online home of the bimonthly publication of the same name, offering a nice selection of articles from the print version. The journal’s mission statement speaks for itself:

The Journal has published, since 1992, new research substantiating the roles of proper nutrition and nutritional supplements, traditional medicines, such as herbal, and the use of intent to heal, also called energy medicine and spiritual healing—and personal stories of hope and healing by individuals who have used many healing methods. Many of our articles appear on this website, and we are continually adding more as time allows.

We think we are all already healthy and are simply experiencing the adventure sometimes of living and being in ways that contradict our health—and then correcting our flight path just as a pilot constantly does with an aircraft as it sails through the atmosphere. We ask, “What would we be like and what would we do if we were totally healthy?” We also wonder, “What can we do to realign to health when we feel disease?” We see the healthiest among us as being those who talk most of their health and the desire to experience more of it.

Sometimes all of us experience what we call illness or disease. It is often at times of the most intense illnesses when many of us are the most passionate in our search for healing, which we instinctively know as our birthright. Our individual threads combine to make a garment of society, and therefore our individual health contributes to societal health as it always has.

Here’s just a sample of articles currently featured on the site:

The writing tends to be clear and concise, and many of the articles provide references and guides to follow-up reading and research.

Well Being Journal

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