Relief vs. Healing: Getting to the Root Cause of Illness and Dysfunction

The word “acupuncture” can make a good number of people flinch as they think of needles piercing the skin – though, truly, one rarely feels more than the slightest pinch when the needles are placed by an experienced acupuncturist.

This anxiety may become less of an issue, though, as some practitioners, such as this Oregon physician recently profiled in the Bandon Western World, turn to lasers, as well as needles.

Peruvian-born Suarez works at Bandon’s branch of the North Bend Medical Center. He offers traditional acupuncture treatment, using minute needles that are almost invisible to the eye, and needle-free acupuncture, which is done with a hand-held instrument that produces a 10-hertz laser beam.

Using the ear as a map for treating problems in other parts of the body, Suarez said he first focuses on “master points” in the ear. He stimulates these points with the laser or needles and small bursts of electricity to bring the body back into equilibrium….

It might seem strange that stimulating parts of the ear could successfully treat problems in other parts of the body. But, Suarez said, “We each came from a single cell, so every part of our body affects each other part.”

The resonance produced by the frequency used in laser acupuncture can indeed have a positive effect on the points used, either tonifying or stimulating the imbalance of chi being produced by the disordered energy package of their meridian. But it’s important to understand that if the pain or other symptoms are treated in isolation, the relief may be only temporary.

A person seeking true healing must seek to remove the cause of their illness or dysfunction. To do otherwise is no different than removing the red warning light from your car’s dashboard, or cutting its electrical wire, as soon as it signals that your oil pressure is dangerously low.

So we always must ask: what is producing the disordered chi in the first place? What is the root cause? Until this is addressed, any treatments – whether acupuncture or some other traditional, holistic or natural therapy – will not have profound, long-lasting effects. The red light may be off, but the underlying problems will remain.

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