A Site We Like: ResearchChannel

From the site’s “About” page:

ResearchChannel was founded by a consortium of leading research and academic institutions to share the valuable work of their researchers with the public….

Remarkable speakers, researchers and scholars present revolutionary thoughts and discoveries on ResearchChannel. The University of Michigan, the University of Washington and the National Science Foundation are just a few of the world-renowned institutions that participate and whose programs are featured….

Programs on ResearchChannel appeal to a wide variety of general and niche audiences. Many medical and technology professionals regard ResearchChannel as a critical source of new information in their fields. Other viewers are excited by the opportunity to delve deeply into topics that have captured their interest….

Viewers access programs online via a live webstream and an extensive video-on-demand library. The library houses more than 3,500 full-length programs that are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Here are a few of the presentations we’ve especially enjoyed to get you started on your own exploration of this excellent resource:

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