Food That’s Not Really Food and Other Impediments to Health

Colonel of Truth
You know that annoying ad about the “KFC $10 Challenge”? If not, go be annoyed. Then read this recent Grist article in which Kurt Michael Friese describes how he handily beat the challenge. Be sure to check out the comments thread, as well, for some interesting back-and-forth on the issue.


Former Pharma Pitchman: Beware of New Drugs
Regular readers of this blog and our quarterly newsletter Biosis are well aware of the ploys Big Pharma uses to shill its products. And after a while, it can all start to sound broken-recordish. In that respect, this brief US News & World Report interview with Tom Nesi, author of Poison Pills, is fairly redundant. But what’s notable about it – and why we’re recommending it here – is that Nesi is not just some random guy but “a longtime director of public affairs at…Bristol-Myers Squibb.” What spurred his change of mind and heart? His having seen the matter from the other side during his wife’s unsuccessful fight against cancer.


Off-Label Promotion, On-Target Sales
Here’s a recent exception to that same broken record rule: an article from PLoS Medicine on some of the ways in which the drug companies promote off-label use of their products – a booming business. According to the authors, 150 million such prescriptions were written in 2001, yet 73% of them “were written for conditions for which there was little or no scientific support for efficacy.” Since the practice of marketing off-label uses is usually illegal, the drug companies have to use some interesting work-arounds to promote their drugs in this way.


Do Cell Phones Kill 1000 People a Year?
We’ve talked a bit on this blog about the possible risks of EMF radiation from mobile phones, but not so much about another set of risks described in this article from Mother Jones: distraction while driving. The piece tells of one representative tragedy while also exploring how the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has itself stayed, um, distracted from the issue.


Lean Economy, Fatty Diet
Every day, we get more bad news about the state of the economy. We hear about more foreclosures, more layoffs and bankruptcies. And so we begin economizing as much as we can. For an increasing number, this involves a shift to cheaper, often highly processed, nutrient-poor foods – foods that contribute to obesity, heart disease, cancer and a wealth of other serious illnesses over the long term. This solid article from the LA Times gives an overview of the trends toward poor eating.

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  1. I really enjoyed the article on how doctors are being influenced to prescribe off label uses of medications. I have known about these type of tactics for a while, but it is unbelievable that nothing has been done about it. I think a drugs off label uses should be examined at the time of original approval. Off-label uses have not been subject to the testing and review that is a precondition for marketing approval.

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