Do Cell Phones and Mercury Fillings Mix?

There’s been a good amount of interest lately in a recent study in the Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences investigating the possibility that EMF radiation from cell phones could acceerate the release of mercury from amalgam fillings. The conclusion?

In this study, a significant relationship was detected between the mercury levels in urine samples and exposure to microwave radiation emitted from mobile phones. This finding is in agreement with previous reports regarding the increased release of mercury from dental amalgam restorations in undersea workers.

Admittedly, it is a small study – only 30 participants – but it does point the way towards further research on this particular type of risk.

That said, we must note one aspect of the study that gives us pause. Despite having noted in their introductory research review that amalgam fillings pose significant health risks,

Fourteen female healthy University students aged 19-23 years who had not used mobile phones before the study and did not have any previous amalgam restorations but had more than 4 teeth decayed were investigated….Dental amalgam restorations were performed for all 14 students (2 molars on one side, one class I and one class II restorations with identical volume and surface area of the amalgam fillings). [emphasis added]

Knowing the risks of mercury fillings and placing them anyway is simply unconscionable. For as Dr. Verigin wrote with respect to the 2006 JAMA amalgam studies,

It is my conviction that [the] study as designed should [not] have been performed at all. If living beings needed to be tested, then the experiments should have been done on some other form of primate….I question the ethics of [such] studies. I wonder if these researchers even remember the humanitarian motto of our profession: Doctor, do no harm unto your patient.

Mercury Release from Dental Amalgam Restorations after Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Following Mobile Phone Use (PDF)

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