Free Antibiotics? No Thanks. We Don’t Want the Flu Shot Either.

One step forward:

With an epidemic of antibiotic-resistant infections growing, experts are warning grocery-store pharmacies that antibiotics giveaways are an unhealthy promotional gimmick.

One step back:

If grocery stores want to help customers and save them money during cold and flu season, the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) says, they should offer free influenza vaccinations instead.

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Neither of these steps – mentioned in a recent IDSA media release – is necessary.

As the release rightly notes, industrial medicine has become far too loosey-goosey with doling out antibiotics.

“Each year tens of millions of antibiotics are prescribed for viral conditions, like the common cold, for which antibiotics are totally ineffective [says Lauri Hicks, DO, of the CDC]. Overuse of antibiotics is jeopardizing the effectiveness of these essential drugs.”

For example, in some parts of the country methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is the leading cause of emergency room visits for skin and soft tissue infections. To make matters worse, there are very few new antibiotics under development to fight resistant bacteria.

In addition, the risks associated with antibiotics are under-appreciated. Allergic reactions and other adverse events cause an estimated 142,000 emergency room visits annually, according to a recent study by CDC.

(ASIDE: We can’t let go of this point without noting the blame-the-patient gesture that follows: “Most doctors know better than to prescribe antibiotics when they are not needed,” Dr. [Anne] Gershon [of the IDSA] added. “But many find it hard to say ‘no’ to sick patients who think antibiotics will make them feel better. We are concerned that these pharmacy marketing efforts will encourage patients to ask for antibiotics prescriptions.”)

That said, flu shots are not the answer either. For the vast majority of Americans, they are just not needed, nor are they particularly effective. And like all vaccinations, they carry significant health risks that are seldom disclosed to the patient before injection. (For more about the trouble with flu shots, see here and here.)

Of course, you can just as well fight colds and flu by following the familiar advice for staying healthy in general and keeping your immune system strong and vital:

  • Eat a healthy, nutrient rich diet based on whole-foods.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Exercise regularly, at least a few times each week, even if it involves nothing more than taking walks.
  • Make time to relax and do activities you enjoy each day.

Additionally, you can take nutritional, herbal or homeopathic supplements as needed, suggested or directed by your health care provider to further immune support.

While doing these things take more time and effort than popping unnecessary antibiotics or getting a flu jab, they’re safer and more effective in the long run.

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3 replies on “Free Antibiotics? No Thanks. We Don’t Want the Flu Shot Either.”

  1. I think we are clutching at straw and trying to do things, which we might regret.

    Unfortunately, we (doctors) have been greedy and let the pharmaceutical companies take control by funding research for years. Healthcare is driven by emotion and fear of death. The so-called pundits who organise clinical trials have betrayed people who trust us. We have forgotten our basic medical ethics and blindly follow results of studies published instead of using our common sense and medical knowledge.

    I do agree flu shots are not the answer and majority of people just don’t needed them, nor are they particularly effective in all patients. Kindeling immune response to few strains of virus may infact carry significant health risks and may be helping the bacteria to become more virulent.

    Undermining patient’s confidence by advising parents to seek medical help when their child has very high fever has been the biggest blunder. Most bacterial infection, we know have moderate raise in temperature. We have been dishing out antibiotics to children like smarty. I have never seen a child die (25 years my practice) with very high temperature nor have I seen a child developing fits. We know that rapid raise in temperature precipitate fits for years but failed to publicise this. Media hype, compensation payment paid out because doctor failed to prescribe antibiotics has not helped us either.

    We know it is hard to clinically differentiate viral from bacterial infections. Due to lack of support from authorities and ministers we cannot expect to bring in changes. Unless Healthcare Protection Agency & CDC come out clean and support doctors, I do not think we have any chance of bringing in changes.

    I think medical profession is going to pay a huge price and destroy itself taking these pharmaceutical, device and equipment manufacturing companies along with their strong advocates.

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