How to Floss Your Teeth, Eat Healthy on a Budget and Other Tips from Around the Web

If Ya Got ‘Em, Floss ‘Em!

Most of us know we’re supposed to floss our teeth regularly – at least if we want to keep all our teeth. But not all of us follow through on the advice, and many of those who do don’t always do it properly. Learn the right way to floss with the help of this article with animations from the Dental Picture Show.

Chew on This

Eating well during bad economic times can seem almost impossible to do. But you needn’t feel resigned to forgoing organics all together, nor living on a diet of ramen and other cheap, processed “foods.” A recent column in Grist includes some excellent shopping tips to help you maintain a green, healthy diet on a budget.

Don’t Make Me Sick

No one wants their dental work to make them sick! But how do you find out which materials are safe to use? (PDF). The new issue of MCSA News tells you how. Although the answer is targeted to those with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity issues, this question of biocompatibility is key to all who need dental restorations. (Note: The article describes one specific type biodermal testing for biocompatibility, but other types can be used by a qualified practitioner.)

You Want Plastic or…Plastic?

Are all plastics created equal? Are some safer? Less toxic to the human body? This article from Care2 gives the rundown on the health pros and cons of the different types of plastics our food and water come in contact with.

Walk It Off

Walking is a cheap and easy way to stay fit, both physically and mentally. And it can be readily transformed into a more high-powered workout through changing technique. This Independent article posted on Alternet describes a few popular walking variations and how they can increase the health benefits of this form of exercise. (Also see our past newsletter article on the mental and spiritual benefits of walking.)

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