Amalgam Love in Dental Research

Here we go again:

Dental amalgam has been proven safe and effective for years, yet unfounded controversy still surrounds it, a Medical College of Georgia researcher says.

Dentists have used amalgam, an alloy of mercury with at least one other metal, in fillings for over 200 years. Amalgam fillings don’t contain enough mercury to cause potential health problems associated with larger doses, says Dr. Rod Mackert, professor of dental materials in the MCG School of Dentistry Department of Oral Rehabilitation.

Mackert – dental professor, Christian singer/songwriter and mouthpiece for the ADA (PDF) – is just one of many in the dental orthodoxy who has repeatedly made such claims, as if saying something often enough makes it so. Indeed, it takes some real magical thinking to believe that you can place amalgam within a tooth and – presto, change-o – the mercury that makes up more than 50% of the filling’s content becomes inert and perfectly safe…even as, the moment you take it out of the mouth, it’s automatically considered toxic waste.

Anyhow, Mackert’s in the news again for spouting off on this topic at the 87th General Session of the International Association for Dental Research in Miami.

“It’s mystifying that people persist in saying there is cause for concern with amalgam fillings when there’s no evidence that they cause adverse health effects,” Dr. Mackert says.


“The bottom line is people don’t need to be concerned with adverse health effects from any type of fillings – amalgam or composites,” Dr. Mackert says. Since beginning his studies of amalgam in the early 1980s, his position has never changed. In fact, he has amalgam fillings himself.

Maybe that explains something.

But this is all broken record. So we’ll just follow suit:

For [those] who are “not aware of any studies here or abroad showing that [mercury in fillings] presents a health risk,” please see this and this and this and this and this and this and this and this…just for a start.

End of song.

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