Drink Water, Not Fluoride

OMG! There’s not enough fluoride in bottled water!

Five billion gallons of bottled water were consumed in 2000, an increase of more than 200 percent from a decade earlier. Whether consumers drink more bottled water because it is an alternative to soda, or because it is convenient to do so is unclear, but one thing is certain: they are missing out on the valuable fluoride found in tap water, which helps to protect teeth from cavities, according to a study published in the January/February 2009 issue of General Dentistry, the Academy of General Dentistry’s (AGD) clinical, peer-reviewed journal.

Of course, fluoride is no panacea and capable of doing much more harm than good. We’d say that nobody’s missing out on anything by having less of it get into their system. But we’d also say that this doesn’t mean we should all go out and drink more bottled water. The environmental costs are too high.

Better: use tap water and remove any fluoride yourself via investing in a reverse osmosis filtration system, or defluoridation or distillation filters. (Note: Brita, Pur and other water filters do not appear to remove fluoride. More info available here.)

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  1. The problem is that not enough people are educated on the dangers and actual history of fluoride including public information that states the German soldiers used fluoride to see if the prisoners brains could become slightly docile.

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