First Year CA Schoolkids Need to Get Their Teeth Checked

A reminder to our California readers:

All California public school students must get “an oral health assessment performed by a licensed dentist or other licensed or registered dental health professional” before the end of their first school year (kindergarten or first grade). The deadline for submitting proof of exam is fast approaching: May 31.

These check-ups are important not just because they’re required by the state but, as put in a recent CDA media release on the matter,

With tooth decay being the most common chronic childhood disease, it is essential that children develop healthy habits as early as possible. Visiting a dentist early can prevent missed school days and potentially costly treatment. Good oral health habits at home, along with regular check-ups, are the easiest and most cost effective ways to ensure your child remains healthy.

“Baby teeth are very important – they are not just teeth that will fall out. Children with cavities may have difficulty eating, stop smiling, and have problems paying attention and learning at school,” said Andrew Soderstrom, DDS, pediatric dentist and Vice President of CDA. “If cavities are not treated, children can become sick enough to require emergency room treatment and their adult teeth may be permanently damaged.”

More information – including the required assessment/waiver form – is available from the California Department of Education.

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