Cell Phone Risk Facts and Other Recommended Reading

If Your Phone Is Giving You Cancer, Press 1

Maybe it’s part of the human condition – how we create and embrace new technologies without considering their potential ramifications. Then the law of unintended consequences comes into play. Some consequences, of course, are beneficial, while others may be harmful. Many modern drugs could serve as examples, as well as GMOs. But what about cell phones? Could they, for all their benefits, also harm our health? There’s certainly a strong and growing body of evidence that the radiation emitted from them may cause diseases such as brain cancer, some of which we’ve previously mentioned (here and here and here and here). But there’s also a lot we still don’t know and much work to be done. Writing for Terrain, Elisa Batista recently provided a solid, accessible overview of our current knowledge of the risks. Check it out.


Mammogram Mania

We’ve also written previously on the myth of disease screening tools as preventive medicine and the part they play in the overtreatment of the American populace. One of the most popular tools is the mammogram, which all women are generally recommended to have regularly after the age of 35. Talking heads toss about numbers that suggest the wisdom of this approach, but as Naomi Freundliche writes in a recent article for Health Beat, “Scratch the surface of those figures and the benefits are not so clear.” Suffice it to say, she does a great job of scratching that surface, as well as charting out who wins and who loses – and what the stakes are – in the cascade of overtreatment that stems from the routine mammogram.


Their Business Is the Business of Keeping You Sick

It’s a simple economic fact: businesses exist to make money. While some may take pride in helping people by providing desirable products or services, their concern must still be the bottom line or else they would not be able to provide those things. Big Pharma, for instance, likes to tout how its products help people, improve our lives, support our health by treating diseases – both real and invented ones. Yet this completely contradicts corporate devotion to the bottom line, for if Big Pharma’s drugs actually cured diseases and supported health, they’d go out of business. And in fact, they have demonstrated a vested interest in keeping us sick (or believing we’re sick) and dependent on their drugs. This excellent post from Reality101 does a fantastic job of mapping out this contradiction and the motivation for opposing natural and holistic health care, leading us towards Pharmageddon.


Something to Make You Sit Up Straight

Last – and on an entirely unrelated note – we want to point you to a really helpful article we recently ran across on how to take care of your back by sitting better. Most of us tend to slouch or hunch, and we spend so many hours a day seated anymore that we wind up dealing with some kind of pain as a result…not to mention poor circulation and, in the words of the article, “flabby butts.” Writing for the Chicago Tribune, Julie Deardorff describes how our sitting style matters and offers six tips for avoiding “chair disease.”


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