Mindfulness, Environment and Other News of Note

Mindfulness Training Busts Stress (CNN)

Lead investigator Kimberly Williams said the goal was to relieve stress. “Mindfulness means to pay full attention to what you are doing, moment by moment,” she said. “We taught them how to recognize sources of stress, how stress impacts them, and then what they could do to come out of the vicious cycle of stress reactivity.”

The program lasted eight weeks and participants were followed for an additional three months. Williams said they found those who received the mindfulness training “had significantly less daily hassles, psychological distress and significantly fewer medical symptoms” – like lower blood pressure and fewer aches and pains – than those who were handed a pamphlet…More


Is the Environment Making Us Fat and Sick? (Collaborative on Health & the Environment)

Conventional wisdom says that the meteoric rise in obesity and related health conditions – the early stages of which are now called metabolic syndrome – is due to the West having a bad case of “couch potato syndrome.” That is, over the past few decades, we have been eating too much and not exercising enough.

While poor diet and inactivity play an undeniable role in fostering metabolic syndrome, that’s not the whole story. Clinical and epidemiological evidence increasingly implicates another culprit: the environment…More


Industrial Farming Is Giving Us Less Nutritious Food (Mother Earth News)

The commercially grown vegetables, fruits and grains that we are eating today are significantly less nutritious than these foods were 100 years ago, or even just 30 years ago. We now have solid, scientific evidence of this troubling trend…More


A Simple Smooch or a Toxic Smack? (NY Times)

THE debate seems to resurface every few years. Do some lipsticks contain lead? If so, is the amount so negligible that consumers have nothing to be concerned about? Or will all those years of applying lipstick several times a day add up to a worrisome accumulation of a dangerous substance?

On one side are advocacy groups and doctors who insist that, over time, those who wear lipstick containing lead are at risk of absorbing high levels of a neurotoxin that may cause behavioral, learning and other problems. On the other side are the Food and Drug Administration and outside experts who say that any traces of lead that do exist are too minute to cause harm…More


Benefit of Aspirin for Healthy People Is Uncertain (ScienceDaily)

A new study has shown that, while taking aspirin is beneficial in preventing heart attacks and strokes among people with established cardiovascular disease (secondary prevention), its benefits don’t clearly outweigh the risks in healthy people (primary prevention)…More


Treating Gum Disease Helps Rheumatoid Arthritis Sufferers (Medical News Today)

People, who suffer from gum disease and also have a severe form of rheumatoid arthritis, reduced their arthritic pain, number of swollen joints and the degree of morning stiffness when they cured their dental problems. Researchers from the Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine and University Hospitals of Cleveland reported on this new intervention for arthritis in the Journal of PeriodontologyMore


Evidence Presented for Herbal Toothpaste (DrBicuspid.com)

Is the best new approach to preventing caries actually thousands of years old? That’s the implication of recent company-sponsored studies on toothpastes that borrow from traditional Indian and Chinese medicine chests.

One study, sponsored by Colgate-Palmolive, featured Colgate Ayurveda Sampoorna toothpaste, which is made with a proprietary herbal formula drawn from ayurveda, the traditional system of medicine used in India.

“A lot of people in India are using it because it’s nonchemical,” said co-author Kanupriya Kakar, B.D.S., a private dentist in New Delhi.

The other study, conducted by Hawley & Hazel Chemical, featured a toothpaste containing licorice extract, which is frequently used in traditional Chinese medicine…More


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