No Time to Floss?




Many say that a good smile is a person’s most attractive physical feature. But fewer of us seem committed to keeping our own smiles attractive.

Oh, most of us are fairly good at brushing our teeth. About two-thirds report doing so at least twice a day. But flossing? Less than half of us manage to do that even once a day – and give a whole lot of excuses for it. And the most common? Lack of time.

Question: Would you ever go without bathing for as long as some of us go without flossing, claiming that you just don’t have the time for it?

So what can you do to make flossing just as much of a priority as bathing? Dr. Verigin’s assistant Stephanie offers one suggestion: floss in the shower.

“If you condition your hair or use a facial, for example,” says Stephanie, “you can floss during the time you wait before rinsing. Or you can do it while rinsing the shampoo from your hair, or just while enjoying the sensation of the warm water. All it takes to floss is a couple of minutes, and you’ve got those couple minutes right there!”

How do you make time for flossing? Use the comments to share your tips.

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