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We live in a toxic world. Even those of us who are extra diligent about making good lifestyle choices to keep our bodies strong, fit and able to ward off illness cannot seal ourselves off completely from the world and its environmental pollutants – toxins that can stay in the body for years, polluting its biological terrain. And when the terrain is thus compromised, the body as a whole becomes less able to detoxify itself and becomes ever more vulnerable to disease and dysfunction.

Still, although all of us carry a body burden of toxic chemicals whether we want to or not, we can – and should – take steps to reduce the amount of exposure to them.

One such step is reducing our intake pesticides via the food we eat. And to help in this endeavor, the Pesticide Action Network has just launched an online tool at What’s On My Food? The site features a good – and presumably growing – database that lets you look up the known pesticide content on a wide variety of foods, as well as the nature of those chemicals and, when available, comparative data on industrial and organic foods. So, for instance, if you search for “Cherries,” you first see:




The next section goes into detail about the levels found for each of those 42 pesticide residues found by the USDA, starting with:




And by clicking on the Conventional vs. Organic link, you can see graphs comparing the amounts of each chemical on conventionally and organically raised foods, whenever that data is available.




To learn about other things you can do to make sure that the foods you eat are more healthful than harmful, be sure to see our article “Play It Safe,” from our quarterly newsletter Biosis.

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