When Plain Filtered Water Isn’t Enough

We get media releases. A lot of them. Like one that came in a couple weeks ago, which began:

Mark it down in your calendar – August 3rd is National Watermelon Day!!! Have a slice or two or better yet, enjoy a refreshing watermelon flavored beverage from HINT water. Watermelon is the most luscious flavor from HINT water, which has no added sugar or preservatives, perfect for those hot summer days.

Our first response? “National Watermelon Day? Who knew?”

Our second? “Someone is really straining for a reason to try to get some free publicity.”

We’d never heard of Hint before, but since we’re often amused by all the bottled water gimmicks out there (“organic water,” anyone?), we Googled the company to find out a little more about it. And at the top of their home page, we found:


HINT fluoride


Well, we just had to view that media release (PDF)!

HINT Kids will offer HINT’s younger fans an easy grab – and – go drink pack, available in three of HINT’s delicious signature flavors; strawberry-kiwi, tropical and watermelon. This new kid-friendly packaged drink is the only responsible flavored beverage containing fluoride, unlike other compromised beverages on the market with hidden calories, sugar or sweeteners.

“We are thrilled to re-launch HINT Kids with fluoride to give younger consumers a healthy beverage that tastes great without sugar, sweeteners or calories.” says founder and CEO of HINT Inc. Kara Goldin. “After seeing countless products focusing on healthy perception instead of healthy reality, we felt obligated to deliver a no-compromises product that addresses the needs of children and their parents. The acceptance of Hint by kids, demonstrates that great taste does not have to go hand in hand with sweetness.”

“Healthy reality”? Even research published by the orthodox American Dental Association has shown that supplemental fluoride offers little or no protection against caries (cavities) in children.

More healthy reality? Here’s what excess fluoride can do to teeth – a condition called fluorosis, which is caused by exposure during tooth development:








See also 50 Reasons to Oppose Fluoridation.

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