Help with Children’s Dental Health & Hygiene

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A trio of recent articles on children’s dental health that we’d like to draw your attention to:

Brush Up on Healthy Teeth

This informative article from the Edmonton Sun explains a bit about how problems with the primary (“baby”) teeth can contribute to problems later in life, after the adult teeth have erupted. It also lets you know some key issues to keep an eye on and ways of ensuring good dental health and hygiene for kids, including proper nutrition. As the president of the Canadian Dental Association says, “We are understanding how the mouth is a window into the rest of the body and how oral health relates to general health….Attention has to be paid to proper nutrition – good bone growth and soft oral tissue health depends on it. It’s not only about milk, but also about all round nutrition….”

Kids’ Dental Care

Knowing that children’s dental health and hygiene matters is one thing, but how to instill good dental habits is quite another – one we’ve written about previously. Cookie Magazine offers some great tips and answers to common questions parents have about primary tooth care and dental health. (Hat tip to Stephanie!) We especially appreciate the author’s not waving the fluoride flag, though she does note that some dentists continue to recommend it. We do not. And indeed, research published in the thoroughly mainstream Journal of the American Dental Association shows that fluoride is of little benefit to kids under the age of 6.

Early Treatment of Child’s Teeth Can Avoid Issues

This piece by orthodontist Donald D. Routier, DDS, has a clunky title but some excellent information on the importance of early orthodontic examination and, when appropriate, treatment. In it, he addresses not only the common issues of crowding and crooked teeth but the importance of proper jaw alignment. As the doctor writes, “By examining a child before his or her permanent teeth fully erupt and while the child is still growing, the orthodontist can identify potential problems and offer treatment that utilizes growth to correct skeletal relationships, maintain or develop space for erupting teeth, and properly guide emerging teeth into their correct positions.”

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