AP’s “Assault on Alternative Medicine”

Another week, another installment in the Associated Press’ ongoing series of articles on what they call “alternative medicine.” Despite being positioned as “news,” the series has appeared highly biased and ill-informed in a way that feeds the needs of Big Medicine. We’ve written about this before (see “The ‘Alternative’ Controversy”). There really seems no need to rehash it.

But we do want to point you towards some ways of making your own views known about what Mike Adams is calling the AP’s “assault on alternative medicine.” as Mike Adams calls it. In his latest editorial on the matter, he writes:

It’s quite clear that AP is following a specific agenda to destroy the reputation of natural medicine while boosting public perception of pharmaceuticals. And yet, in reality, it is Big Pharma that has delivered no cures. But the sick-care industry has delivered America into financial bankruptcy and helped our nation become the most diseased population in the history of human civilization. AP feels no need to report on that inconvenient truth. Rather, it sees its job as encouraging yet more pharmaceutical use in America while destroying the credibility of far safer and more effective natural therapies that could help turn around America’s health.

The Associated Press is sadly misinformed about natural medicine, and yet their stories are syndicated across thousands of newspapers and millions of web pages each day.

He includes the following contact information:


Their general email address is info@ap.org

Their main phone number is (212) 621-1500.

You can also find phone numbers for their various local bureaus at the web page link provided above.

If you choose to contact them about the series and get a response, do let us know in the comments.


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