The Year-in-Review Meme, Know Thy Health Edition, 2009

Inspired by the year-in-review meme post on Adventures in Ethics and Science, here’s our contribution: the first sentence from the first post of each month over the past year.

Note: In some cases – where videos or “Stat!” posts ran on the first of the month – the actual first sentence didn’t occur until the second post of the month.


  • January: “I lucked out and got my mom’s beautiful straight teeth.”
  • February: The state of children’s teeth is, to put it mildly, not so good.
  • March: No doubt, you know the home remedy starve a fever, feed a cold.
  • April: “Bacteria from a mother’s mouth can be transmitted through the blood and amniotic fluid in the womb to her unborn child.”
  • May: “Silver” amalgam fillings consistently release mercury vapor, and the amount released varies depending on what sorts of stresses the teeth are under.
  • June: How did screen legend Joan Crawford’s mouth ever go from looking like this…to this?
  • July: We live in a toxic world.
  • August: We get media releases.
  • September: We take the concept of informed consent very seriously in our practice.
  • October: “Deadly brain abscesses should be added to the list of risks of having a tongue piercing, say doctors.”
  • November: A research team at a prestigious university hospital was conducting an experiment: how does a bullfrog react to a handclap?
  • December: Are you living your meaningful life, or is it buried under hundreds of different disappointments and lost dreams?

And indeed that gives a pretty good summary of what this blog is all about: overwhelmingly about dental concerns, yet also exploring topics in general health and wellness – for these things have an impact on dental and oral health…and vice versa.

Or, as our tagline above puts it, “Everything’s connected.”


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