It Was a Merry Christmas for Big Pharma

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Wow, AstraZeneca got a sweet Christmas gift from the FDA this year: an advisory panel said that their statin drug, Crestor, should be allowed to be prescribed to “people who have no history of heart disease and don’t fit the traditional profile of an ‘at risk’ population,” according to an ABC News report on the matter. (And somehow, we can’t help thinking of the drug execs breaking into song at the news.)

This is what passes for “preventive medicine,” we guess, in the hallowed halls of conventional, corporate medicine: selling pills to prevent heart attacks in people not at risk of heart attack. Big Pharma dreams of this stuff: more perpetual patients, dependent on their drugs.

(Speaking of the difference between bogus and real preventive medicine, we’d like to point you to a fine and thought-provoking essay by Naomi Freundlich, published at Health Beat“Prevention: An Apple-a-Day Isn’t Gonna Cut It” – which takes a look at what truly comprehensive “preventive health care” encompasses.)

Anyhow, you know what else can help lower the risk of heart disease in both low- and high-risk groups? A healthy lifestyle.


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