71 Repairs to a Single Tooth? Way Too Much Dentistry!

Via UPI:

GOTHENBURG, Sweden, Dec. 30 (UPI) — Swedish authorities said a dentist accused of malpractice by a patient who had the same tooth repaired 71 times may not ever have been licensed to practice.

The Gothenburg dentist was reported to the Swedish Medical Responsibility Board by two patients, including one who said the dentist repaired the same three teeth 71, 59 and 51 times during a six year period, Swedish news agency TT reported Wednesday.

Both of the patients said scientists with the odontological department at Gothenburg University told them their dental work was poorly performed.

“Poorly performed”? Really?

What’s amazing, of course, is that the patient endured it. Wouldn’t you think that, say, after half a dozen procedures, the patients might figure out that this dentist lacks some skills and seek treatment elsewhere? It’s not like Gothenburg is a small town, with no other dentists available. It’s the second largest city in Sweden. Nor should money be an issue, since dental care for adults can be had through the Public Dental Service or via government subsidies from National Dental Service or private practice dentists. (Those who are curious can learn more about dentistry in Sweden through this publication [PDF] from the Swedish Dental Association.)

Weird as the situation is, though, it does point to an important concept: too much dentistry can harm the teeth just as much, if not more, than too little dental care can. Repeated restorative treatments to a tooth can damage the pulp so much that the tooth becomes a candidate for root canal therapy or extraction.

To learn more about these problems, check out Dr. Verigin’s article “Too Much Dentistry?: The Possible Adverse Effects of Veneers, Fillings and Crowns,” as well as “10 Reasons Why Your Teeth Might Hurt – and 7 Things You Can Do About It” (scroll down to the second article on the page).


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