Tell the White House: Getting the Truth about Dental Mercury Should Be a Scientific Priority

We just received an email alert about how the White House is seeking input on what the nation’s national scientific and technological priorities should be. In light of last year’s FDA ruling on mercury amalgam safety – a ruling tainted by conflicts of interest – those on the forefront of the fight against dental mercury are asking folks to let the Obama administration know the importance of reviewing and acting on the science demonstrating the effects of this potent neurotoxin on human health.

Linda Brocato and Bob Reeves have distributed the following letter, which they encourage people to modify and submit before the fast-approaching deadline of Thursday, April 15.

Submit your letter by email:

You can read more about this White House initiative here.

Subject line: Help the White House Set the Scientific Agenda

Dear President Obama and AAAS,

You have asked for input into your scientific agenda. I want to suggest to you that the Federal Government has ignored the existing science on the dangers of mercury from “silver” fillings which is added to by mercury in flu vaccines and fish.

A major basis for the continued claims of safety regarding dental mercury by organized dentistry and in particular the ADA is contention that mercury does not cause any disease. That is not true. I say this from personal experience ________________________________________________
_______________________________(put your story here)

The peer reviewed science now points to mercury as the major factor in causing most neurological disorders, and particular Alzheimer’s disease and multiple sclerosis. This is summarized in a Petition for Reconsideration filed with the USFDA September 3, 2009 which can be found beginning on page 24 at

And go to pp. 4-23 and in particular p.11-12 to see that Dental amalgams (mercury/silver fillings) are the major contributor to the human body burden of mercury. Thus, mercury/sliver fillings are probably the major factor causing Alzheimer’s disease & multiple sclerosis. Fish and flu vaccines add to our body burden. More personal stories and science can be found at, (delete these URLs and/or put other URLS here) And before you discount these personal stories remember the a major principal of the scientific method is OBSERVATION.

If you will take time to read the existing science you will be shocked. I can provide you much more detail if you are interested about my personal problems from mercury and the science upon request.

________________________ (your name)

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