How to Fix Our Failing Health Care System?

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This week, we’re pleased to run the article “How to Fix Our Failing Health Care System?” by holistic dentist Dr. Steven Green. Part 1, “The Great American Drug Culture,” is available here, along with biographical info about Dr. Green. Part 2, “Some Unsettling Truths About Western Medicine’s Drug ‘Cures'” is available here.


How to Fix Our Failing Health Care System?

Part 3: How to Fix Our Failing Health Care System?

I have been a general practice doctor for more than forty years. Of course, doctors were complaining about government and insurance companies back when I was just beginning to practice, as well, but it’s very much worse now, with the pharmaceutical cartel running things.

The first priority of a government should be the physical and mental health of its people. Instead, our leaders are mistakenly focused on the health of its corporations, and that must change if we are to survive, let alone thrive, as a nation.

Our schools need to start educating rather than “training.” Training programs with excessively demanding schedules that deprive students of sleep and nutritious breakfasts seem designed to discourage original thought processing, disconnect the new synapses of learning and open the mind for corporate programming.

Deprived of health and no longer even remembering what real vitality feels like, our formerly-bright and previously-caring young doctors and nurses emerge from training wounded with post traumatic stress syndrome and act as rapid-fire automatons who can no longer think outside the pharmaceutical box. Doctors graduate as mostly in-debt, well-intended and worn-down pawns, manipulated by their authorities and eager for the recognition the pharmaceutical companies can provide. The Eastern system of healthcare has been in existence for more than 5,000 years and has stood the test of many regimes. They say, “Let food be your first medicine.” Doctors working in this system usually don’t make much money. But they do help people heal.

Western medicine is mostly based on manipulated data about risk factors, rarely taking true individual or societal health outcomes into account. Some modern medical technology is truly amazing and the best in the world, but only officers of major corporations, rock, movie or TV stars, professional sports players and robber barons or foreign potentates can afford it.

Medical insurance was originally designed to guarantee prepayment to a greedy industry in good times and bad. People who paid for medical insurance go bankrupt all the time just from their deductible and co-pay, let alone after they reach their maximum. The real “death squads” are faceless private insurance company committees charged with cost containment. Government agencies simply rubber stamp corporate conclusions.

However, there is another model, hidden in plain sight – in Cuba. There, In the government has aggressively endorsed (by necessity of our embargo [Editor’s note: According to recent news, we may soon see an easing of restrictions on travel and trade.]) cost-effective medicine provided by traditional herbs, counter-intuitive homeopathy and time-tested acupuncture.

Cuba now grows fields of organic herbs for their world famous (except in the U.S.) medicine, which is good for the Earth and for the people. Herbs correct ailments by their naturally balancing or amphoteric effect. Herbs, like homeopathics, are complex, and they do not lend themselves to patentable simplistic scientific scrutiny, which has become corporate Western medicine’s manipulated false standard. It took many years to “throw off the shackles” of my training and to finally realize that almost any herb practically always provides better patient outcomes than appropriately prescribed pharmaceuticals.

The efforts of the entire government need be behind sustainable agriculture – the integrated system in which the farmer or gardener works within natural biological cycles and uses primarily local and naturally occurring resources. Besides farming our heartlands, small urban gardens can be highly productive, sustainable and the source of a nice income. Cuba proves it is feasible.

There are more than 220 biotech centers in Cuba producing and distributing cutting-edge, non-toxic biofertilizers and pesticides based on local microorganisms. Biological controls are available in the U.S. (like bacillus thuringiensis), but by focusing so much in this arena, Cuba is ahead of the rest of the world.

Current chemical-based and genetically-modified farming practices are too environmentally damaging to be sustainable. Soils are progressively eroded from exposure to the elements, compacted by heavy machinery, salinized by excessive irrigation and sterilized with methyl bromide, and as pests become ever more resistant to pesticides, crop yields decline and aquifers and estuaries become contaminated with agrochemical run-off.

Change is long overdue, and truly rational production systems need be instituted. Cuba offers the very first large-scale test of more sustainable alternatives, perhaps the only chance to see what works and what doesn’t, before environmental realities mandate the rest of the world embark on a sudden, wholesale switch to organic agriculture.

Obesity and its costly negative downstream effects really occur because government allows industry to put hidden addictive flavorings in processed food, even in organic baby food. Sorry, Mrs. Obama, but smaller portions and more exercise will not help. Rats fed MSG show small brain changes and become so grossly obese that even exercise will not eliminate the fat. These same addictive (many of which are, in fact, natural) substances also act as excitotoxins that help to fuel the epidemics of attention-deficit and autism, as well as cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s. (And don’t forget, Big Pharma has a drug to treat that!)

Addictive foods lead to profligate profits but a sicker populace. A country can be destroyed from within by allowing modification of the foods of nurture.

A study in the February 2010 JAMA disclosed that chronic health conditions (asthma, diabetes or attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder) in American children have increased incredibly in recent years, from 12.8% in 1994 to 26.6% in 2006.

“The WHO’s ‘false pandemic’ flu campaign is one of the greatest medicine scandals of the century,” said epidemiologist Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg. “The definition of a pandemic must not be under the influence of drug sellers. It is now believed that the drug companies have deliberately mislead governments to the seriousness of Swine flu, to make them stock pile vaccines, this has caused them to buy billions of dollars worth of vaccines from pharmaceutical companies including Baxter, Glaxo Smith Kline and Sanofi Pasteur.”

What is the damage directly done to the population by this uncontrolled experiment, by injection of these unnecessary vaccines and more frighteningly, the precedent that has been set for the government to institute required vaccines for future fake or manufactured pandemics?

We are in crisis! Put the corporate lobbyists out of work! Put us on the path to sustainability.

How to fix our fraudulent failing disease care system? Start over. Stop supporting and subsidizing this corrupted form of societal suicide. Monopolistic, modern Western medicine has become the leading cause of death in the modern world, surpassing heart disease, stroke and cancer. A health care system must have a different set of rewards, based on real results. Congress needs to create a level playing field for naturopathic, chiropractic, Eastern medicine, acupuncture, herbal and homeopathic medicines.


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