Lowlights in Dental Research

Amongst all the excellent scientific research out there, there are studies that beg the question: “And your point is…what, exactly?”

We recently learned of one of these via Mind Hacks – a 1976 study called “Children’s Drawings about Dentistry”:




Drawings about the dentist at work were solicited from 1,101 children in grades 2, 4, 6 and 8 in an urban school district. A system to classify the contents of these drawings was developed. The frequency of various items occurring in the children’s drawings was determined. The ‘typical’ or most frequent child’s drawing of the dentist at work was described. This drawing contained a normal dental chair, dentist, a patient in the chair and dental cabinetry or furniture. The picture was a very matter-of-fact representation. Abnormal or bizarre pictures occurred infrequently. A few children drew pictures that did not relate to dentistry.

What were they expecting exactly? And would the outcomes be any different if they asked the kids to draw pictures of doctors at work? Teachers? Computer programmers?

What an astounding result: the vast majority of kids asked to draw pictures of dentists at work drew entirely expected pictures of dentists at work!

And science marched on…


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