27 Health & Wellness Articles Worth a Look

As mentioned, we check the web daily for health and wellness news and articles that we think may be of interest to you. Inevitably, we wind up with much more material than we can possibly write about yet find worth sharing.

So, without further ado, here are 27 more articles that have stacked up over the past several months that we’d like to point your attention towards, on subjects ranging from dental health to nutrition to potential toxins and much more.

(Is there an article we’ve missed that you think we should check out? Send the link to our blogmistress.)

  1. More athletes continue to find that wearing a splint while exercising and competing boosts their performance. How? By helping them breathe better and preventing clenching, reports the NY Times.

  2. When you’ve got braces, flossing your teeth can be a little tricky. About.com comes to the rescue with this terrific how-to slide show for those with brackets.

  3. Dental decay is a big problem, and thanks to our highly acidic diets, so is enamel erosion, which can cause tooth sensitivity and makes decay more likely. Learn more about erosion – and how to lower the risk of it – in this article from The Independent.

  4. Most of us would do well to eat more vegetables but can’t always think of good or interesting ways to fit them into our meals. Crabby McSlacker has some ideas of “Painless Ways to Eat More of ‘Em.”

  5. Dietary fiber is another element most of us need more of, but are all kinds created equal? This article from the LA Times shows how synthetic fiber may not stack up to natural.

  6. Maybe we could use a little less salt. But let’s not go demonizing it, says Salon food writer Francis Lam while discussing benefits of the seasoning and how to use it judiciously.

  7. Even baseball players are getting into the act of eating healthier, according to the Wall Street Journal.

  8. If you think eating real, whole, high-quality food costs a fortune, Raine over at Agriculture Society would beg to differ. Check out her 7 meal menu using organic ingredients at a total cost of $3.79 per person, per meal (less than the cost of your typical fast food “value meal”).

  9. Jini Patel Thompson offers more ideas for how to maintain a quality diet on a tight budget: prioritize what you buy.

  10. Dr. Mercola, though, wants you to be aware of exactly what you may be getting when you buy eggs at the grocery store. Simply “organic” may not be enough.

  11. You can save a lot of money, too, by just not buying probiotics and other so-called “functional foods,” which are more hype-ful than helpfully healthful.

  12. From the Vancouver Observer, here’s the story of how one skeptic came to embrace homeopathy, acupuncture and other nontoxic medical treatments.

  13. Genetics matter, of course, but as this Time Magazine article shows, DNA isn’t your destiny.

  14. Over-radiated Americans: While conventional medicine aficionados may tout the benefits of imaging and other radiation-driven processes, far fewer are aware of the errors that can occur and the damage they do (not to mention the damage from overuse, but that’s another story).

  15. Think all mental illnesses are the same everywhere around the world? Think again. As this NY Times article shows, symptoms can be driven by culture, as well.

  16. Antidepressants are probably no better than placebos. This presents a moral dilemma to those who treat with drugs. Do you deceive the patient by giving them a bogus pill? Sharon Begley explores the issue in Newsweek.

  17. And here’s some more on “Medication Madness.”

  18. Yes, despite how the medical establishment sometimes acts, life is not a medical condition.

  19. AlterNet asks, “Is the Environment to Blame for the Rise in Autism Cases?”

  20. What’s it like to live in a toxic town? Well, you could visit Downey, CA to find out – or just read this article on how heavy industry gave rise to the “Downey flu.”

  21. Start making your home a nontoxic one by removing the worst-offender products first – shown in this brief article and slide show from Forbes.

  22. Experience Life offers some great advice on “Detox Done Right”: what works, what doesn’t and what to know before you start a cleanse.

  23. Here’s a terrific overview of mercury toxicity – its sources, effects and what you can do about it.

  24. It’s traditionally said that good health starts in the gut. Consequently, though it may gross or creep us out a little, poo can tell us a lot about the state of our physical wellness.

  25. A lot of us don’t like to think about aging, either, and may be drawn to promises of “anti-aging” products. But the truth is, we can’t help but age. The trick is to live well so that “aging and illness” aren’t synonymous. Over at healthiertalk.com, Suzanne Dixon presents some key tools for living well as we get older.

  26. Woman’s Day shares “10 Small Changes with Big Health Payoffs” for women.

  27. “Are you tired, run-down, listless? Do you poop out at parties?” Real Simple suggests “25 Easy Instant Energy Boosters.” Vitameatavegamin didn’t make the cut. (h/t to Stephanie for this and the previous link)

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