Stat!: Medical Overkill & Waste

  • Portion of medical tests and treatment done yearly in the US that may not be needed: 1/5 to nearly 1/3 of all procedures

  • World rank of US citizens in terms of most medical radiation received: 1

  • Number of antibiotic prescriptions given annually for viruses: “Tens of millions”


According to a recent study in Health Affairs, which surveyed people’s views on medical care,

Many studies have shown that some health care provided in the United States is inappropriate, inefficient, and unsafe.

* * *

[Yet] the idea that getting high-quality care or the “right” care could mean getting less care was counterintuitive [to survey participants]. As one interview participant said, “I don’t see how extra care can be harmful to your health. Care would only benefit you.”

Participants also believed that any new treatment is improved treatment. (Emphasis added)

Stats source: AP/Yahoo News


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