A Drug-free Way to Manage Overwhelm, Stress and Uncertainty (Guest Post)

Lately, more people tell me they are overwhelmed. We witness and hear about more things now than any human beings before us. There is an onslaught of information which on its own can be overwhelming. But we are also in a time of rapid change, causing many people to transform their ideas and even their values. This requires letting go of old concepts that once provided a sense of stability. It also causes feelings of uncertainty and fear.

Getting comfortable with uncertainty in these quickly changing times is the key to alleviating stress in your life.

One excellent way is to meditate. Westerners resist meditation, being oriented toward a more outward focus. But if you truly want to feel calm and become more peaceful within without drugging yourself, find that spot of comfort and ease with uncertainty by becoming quiet within every day. Sit down, close your eyes, be still and quiet, focus your attention inward and notice the feelings wanting your attention.

All good meditation practitioners know that once you begin to do this, you will discover that no thought or feeling remains with you for long. Each and every thought, emotion or sensation – such as the feeling of being overwhelmed – just gets the opportunity to be noticed. Then it will arise and pass away. It will not stay. And it will stop chasing you.

On a different note, here is something you probably haven’t considered: If you are overwhelmed or feeling fear, are you trying to force things to conform to your will? Changes are taking place in our world in the realm of “will and power,” making way for group cooperation. If you are still trying to will things to your liking, you are probably feeling frustrated. We are moving toward operating at a more heart-centered level now. The old ways – those of I-twist-your-arm-and-you-do-what-I-want – are gradually dissolving. We are entering a new era of cooperation.

In our individual lives, this means we will learn to compromise our ideals, values, wants, needs and desires. And it will happen on the global scale, as well. Just turn on the news and read between the lines and you can see these changes subtly occurring. It is becoming difficult for anyone to be out of integrity without everyone knowing about it. As further interesting and perhaps unexpected or unusual things emerge in our world, we’ll see it is increasingly difficult for singular entities to be in control. Life will demand that people cooperate with one another.

We are each in charge of the way we experience this life. We create our own drama and tears, our own joys. If you have found yourself in more drama than you care to admit, you can change course to something less stressful at any moment. This requires you to relinquish “victimhood.” This “victim” thing is powerful, and we tend to wallow in it until one day something clicks and we decide we’ve had enough.

Is now a good time to decide you’ve had enough?

You can benefit yourself even more by turning your thoughts to more of what you would like to see in your life. It is time to understand how powerful your thoughts are. For example, think more about consideration, harmony, love and belonging, integrity, cooperation, fulfillment at work, community, greater abundance, peace, eco-harmony, clean water, clean air, conscious people, kindness. Never discount the power of your own mind to create positive change for yourself.

Finally, turn your worries around. Remember: Your every thought is powerful, like a prayer or a plea to the Universe. Now is the time for you to gain authority over your thoughts and direct them mindfully. If you find yourself pondering your worries, reverse direction. Focus on what you want to see, not on what’s wrong. This is a powerful way to manage overwhelm, stress and uncertainty. Stop blaming, worrying and commiserating with others. No more excuses – just you taking responsibility for how you choose to be in the world.

My suggestions here require no drugs or synthetic substances to help you avoid yourself. Instead, they encourage you to grow, expand, become more wise and aware and live life in a more balanced way. There is no doubt that is why you are here, and I’ve no doubt you are capable of stepping into a more conscious and evolved future. As you do this, you’ll find that the overwhelm dissipates, stress diminishes, and uncertainty, though it remains, is just fine.

– Christina Grant, Ph.D.



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