Monday WTH?!? Tooth Extraction Via Big Rig & Bumpy Road

Maybe he got the idea from all the tooth pulling stunts on YouTube…

A Kitchener truck driver is facing a careless driving charge but on the bright side, his tooth doesn’t hurt anymore.

Lambton County OPP say they stopped a big rig driver doing some driving dentistry along Hwy. 402 on Wednesday.
* * *
Cops determined the 58-year-old driver was driving so poorly because he was trying to pull out a tooth while he was driving.

“The driver was very forthright with the officer,” Reurink said.

The amateur dentist of a driver had rigged a string around his hurting tooth and then tied the other end to the roof of the cab, police said.

“One good bump and the tooth should come out,” police explained.

Turns out the “one good bump” likely did come along at some point.

“The evidence of his efforts were nearby,” Reurink said.

When the driver was stopped the officer found a bloody tooth and a string lying next to him.

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