The Teeth That Saved the World

Say you were in the market for a set of dentures. How much would you pay?

How about $25,000?

Well, someone recently paid that, but it wasn’t for a partial to replace his or her own teeth. They were a collector’s item: a set of Winston Churchill‘s false teeth, which, according to a report in the Toronto Star, sold for three times the expected price at a London auction.

What’s particularly interesting about the story of Churchill’s dentures?

The set of dentures were unique because they were designed to be loose-fitting so that Churchill could preserve the diction famous from World War II-era radio broadcasts, experts said.

“From childhood, Churchill had a very distinctive natural lisp; he had trouble with his S’s,” said Jane Hughes, who is head of learning at London’s Hunterian Museum. “These are the teeth that saved the world.”

(For the curious: Regular, properly fitting dentures that you’d get for yourself run anywhere from $300 to $2500 per arch. Implants are even more expensive and are much more involved to place. Suffice it to say, this is pretty good incentive for taking good care of your teeth while you’ve got them all, so they don’t need replacing at all!)


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  1. And did you know, in Las Vegas, it’s illegal to pawn your dentures for cash?
    Shauna Duty

  2. This picture is a good incentive to take care of your teeth.


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