Not All Nutritional Supplements Are Created Equal

Last week, the blogosphere buzzed some following the release of a Consumer Reports article on nutritional supplements. Most honed in on the sections dealing with product dangers, ignoring the fact that the article also discussed some potentially useful supplements and offered sound advice for those looking to use them (or others) to help with various health conditions.

The truth is, there are quality concerns with many over-the-counter supplements. Moreover, while individual ones may be fine in and of themselves, they may not be so fine in certain combinations or when taken with prescription drugs. This is why we strongly recommend that anyone wanting to use supplements do so under the guidance of a qualified practitioner, be they naturopath, biological physician or dentist, CAM physician or other professional. Not only can they make sure you take things that will actually be helpful and do so in the right amounts, but they can also guide you toward high quality products.

For the simple truth is, all supplements are not created equal.



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