Beware – It’s Flu Shot Time (Guest Post)

Watch out, folks. The flu shot mongers have started up again. You’re being urged to get one for yourself and your children. Well, here’s some vital information you need on this year’s flu shot. It is a video of an interview Dr. Joe Mercola did with Dr. Barbara Loe Fisher, the Director of the National Vaccine Information Center. She is a true expert on the flu shot. What she points out is that the flu shot this year is a combination of the seasonal flu shot and the H1N1 vaccine from last year. There is lots of evidence that this combination is not safe. The shots contain mercury. The deaths from H1N1 last year were minor, not “pandemic.” There is no reason for anyone, child or adult, to be forced to take this shot for any reason.

Please watch this video and then vow to take a healthy dose of Vitamin D3 (10,000 I.U. or so per day) and to give your kids a healthy dose, too (at least 5,000 I.U. per day). This will make any vaccination for the flu totally unnecessary. Let me repeat again a couple of great sources for the 5,000 I.U. tiny Vitamin D3 gelcaps I take every day. Here they are: and

Now here’s the video I suggest you watch to the finish (it’s only 32 minutes long):

Flu Shot Video

Here’s another slant on this important story. It seems that Australia has had some real problems with this same flu shot this year. Remember, it is now in the middle of winter in Australia. They have been like the “canary in the mine” for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere. Here’s what Mike Adams said last week in the Natural News newsletter:

“After dozens of children showed up in Australian hospitals with convulsions, vomiting and seizures following seasonal flu vaccines, the Australian government took the unprecedented step of banning the flu vaccine for children there.

This same vaccine is imported into the United States to be injected in American children, by the way.

Read more in my report:

Australia Vaccines.

Word to the wise. Vitamin D3 instead of vaccines. Save yourself and your children from the dangers of the flu vaccine.

– Bill Henderson


This article was originally published in the Cancer-Free Newsletter, August 31, 2010. Used by permission.


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