Biosis 30: Communicating Thoughtfully, An MCS Case History & More


The new issue of our quarterly newsletter Biosis is available online now. In this issue:

  • JoAnne’s Motivational Minute: The Joy of Slow(er) Communication
    “Today, we’ve still got phones and snail mail. But we’ve also got email, texting, video conferencing and all manner of social media to connect with others. Via phone or computer, we can call anywhere in the world at a very low cost. I wonder, though: Does all this instant communication come with costs we’re not aware of?”

  • Dr. Verigin’s Comment: An MCS Case History
    “When all is well with the nervous system, the natural healing power works in a straightforward, process-driven manner, sort of like a computer. When a stimulant treatment such as homeopathy is used, it follows Reckeweg’s table in a right-to-left fashion….This is the thing that gives us hope and optimism. The progression of illness is not inevitable. Illness can be reversed. The body can be encouraged to heal itself; right-to-left movement from illness to health, induced.”

  • From Our Blog: Is Insomnia Harming Your Immune System?
    “Becoming more familiar with your sleep nature can help you accept the way your own body wants to rest. And it does want to rest, very deeply, because this is when it heals itself, rejuvenates and recharges, and mends what needs mending.”

Read Biosis #30 now.


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