Not an Eye Tooth but an Ear Tooth? Weird Dental Stories in the News

A freakish accident can often be a kind of badge of honor for kids, something that earns them bragging rights. Here’s one a young Hongkonger can tell some lively stories about:

A 10-year-old Primary Four student was wheeled in [to United Christian Hospital] with one of his teeth lodged in an ear.

The boy, whose name was not disclosed, apparently removed a loose tooth during the third lesson of the day at SKH Yautong Kei Hin Primary School in Yau Tong.

He reported this to his teacher who told him to go to the washroom and rinse his mouth out, according to the school’s vice principal, surnamed Cheung.

Shortly after returning to class the boy appeared to be in a great deal of panic and was making strange faces.

To gasps of astonishment from classmates, he told his teacher he had accidentally wedged the tooth in his ear while playing with it.

The news report doesn’t say why, exactly, putting his tooth in his ear seemed like fun.

Now, you’d think that tooth-in-the-ear trouble is something you wouldn’t hear about too often. But just a few days later:

A Sheffield man who endured decades of painful earache and infections says his suffering is finally behind him – after doctors extracted a tooth from his ear canal.

Stephen Hirst, aged 47, of Torksey Road, Shiregreen, first complained of piercing pains in his right ear as a teenager, and since then has attended countless hospital appointments in an attempt to discover the bizarre cause of his mystery condition.

Stephen said the pain was sometimes so excruciating he would be left “screaming” in agony, until determined staff at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital discovered the tooth embedded in his ear.

* * *

He said medics at the Royal Hallamshire were “determined to get to the bottom” of the cause of his earache.

“The nurse put a suction tube in my ear and cleaned it, then had a go with a microscope probe. Finally she used some tweezers and got it out.”

And lest you think all dental oddity stories involve teeth stuck in ears, think again. From Kenya:

The woman who gave birth to a baby boy with 28 teeth has spoken of her shock and fear moments after she realised her newborn’s dental anomaly.

30-year-old Martha Muthoni of Ndunduri village in Nyandarua County says she noticed the baby’s teeth after she felt it biting her when breastfeeding.

“I first saw his two front teeth,” she told Capital News on Friday.

* * *

Experts are still baffled as to what causes the anomaly but they say hereditary or family patterns do play a part.

The news story also includes video footage of the mother and child.


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