10 Habits for Health Through the Holidays (Guest Post)

Looking to stay healthy so you can really enjoy the fast-approaching holiday season?

Here are 10 easy steps you can take to achieve that goal. Given the number of people who already have colds and flu-like symptoms – especially now that the weather is changing – and our just having come through a holiday filled with sugary treats, it’s obviously a good idea to turn these basics into habits.

  1. Keep your feet warm. Put an extra pair of socks in your car, bag or desk in case you need them. Don’t walk around barefoot when there’s a chill in the air.
  2. Wear a scarf to keep your neck protected from wind and cold air. Traditional Chinese Medicine tells us that keeping your neck warm helps keep your body in balance.
  3. Skip sugary snacks, including those set out at meetings or in the break room. Sugar attacks your immune system and lowers your resistance to illness.
  4. Eat comfort foods, making sure the ingredients are from whole food sources. Also, when you or someone around you gets a cold or respiratory infection, it’s good to cut back on dairy products, which contribute to congestion.
  5. Sleep more than usual. We are entering the season of darkness. Use this time to rest and renew.
  6. Don’t touch your face after shaking hands with others until you can wash your hands. This is tricky because touching the nose and eyes happens so naturally, we often don’t realize how much we do it. Practice being especially aware of this when in a hand-shaking environment.
  7. Keep your hands clean. During cold and flu season, door knobs, elevator buttons, gas pump handles, shopping carts, drinking fountains and bathrooms harbor more viruses than usual, which you can easily transfer to yourself by touching your nose or eyes. Wash your hands frequently or use an alcohol wipe.
  8. Wash your hands before eating.
  9. Drink water and keep hydrated. Caffeinated drinks, canned beverages, alcohol and juices don’t qualify. Water and herbal teas are best.
  10. Have your Vitamin D levels checked. Studies show people with low levels of D are more susceptible to colds and other infections.

Christina Grant, PhD

Read more by Dr. Grant on her blog, Dr. Grant Holistic


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