Stat!: Dietary Delusions


The McGraw Hill Concise Dictionary of Modern Medicine, cited by The Free Dictionary, defines a healthy diet as “any diet based on sound nutritional principles” that typically has these features:

  • High consumption of fruits & vegetables
  • Low consumption of red meat & fatty foods
  • Raw foods & whole grains are preferred to processed or refined foods
  • Protein primarily from fish, dairy products, nuts
  • Consumption of salt, pepper, sugar, coffee & other caffeinated beverages, and alcohol, is discouraged

Percent of Americans who say their diet is “somewhat,” “very” or “extremely” healthy: 89.7

Percent who say they drink at least one sugary drink each day: 43

Percent who limit sweets, sugars or fats in their diet: 25

Percent who eat at least 5 servings (the recommended amount) of fresh vegetables or fruit daily: 30

When they were asked why they didn’t eat more vegetables, the most common reason given by the poll respondents was that they thought they consumed enough already.

Source: AFP, via PhysOrg

Image by Scott Woods-Fehr, via Flickr


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