Confused about Fluoride?

Recently, the US Department of Health and Human Services recommended lowering the “recommended” amount of fluoride in public water sources due to rising rates of dental fluorosis, and the Environmental Protection Agency released a research review showing an increased risk of bone problems due to long-term ingestion of high levels of fluoride. (Read about it here.)

Around the same time, a study was published in Environmental Health Perspectives which showed that fluoride exposure may lower children’s IQs.

So in the midst of this growing concern about fluoridation, what do we find in the Washington Post? Check out the headline:



According to this story, filtered and bottled water are potentially “dangerous” to dental health because they may not contain enough fluoride.

No wonder so many people are confused.

If you’re among those folks, we encourage you to take some time to read the facts about fluoride – facts from the ever-growing body of research showing that not only does supplemental fluoride not help (even the ADA’s own journal has published research casting doubt on this fluoride myth) but in fact may do harm.

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