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Uplifting emotions help create health in the body, mind, and spirit. According to bestselling author and psychologist John Gray, wellness flows directly from being happy. In Practical Miracles for Mars & Venus: Nine Principles for Lasting Love, Increasing Success, and Vibrant Health in the Twenty-First Century, he insists, “We have to create new opportunities for pleasurable and healing hormones to be released.”

When we make an effort to do what brings us a sense of joy, especially when laughter is involved, we raise our energy levels, boost immunity and oxygenate the body. We could rollerblade, meet with a friend, read a funny novel, play with an animal, bike ride – anything that uplifts the spirit.

Studies have shown that fun, laughter, amusement and joy activate the will to live, decrease stress hormones and kick up disease-fighting cells, including those that reverse tumors. Research also confirms that laughter is associated with an increase in the activity level and number of natural killer cells that attack viral infected cells and some cancer and tumor cells. Uplifting emotions can dissolve anger, lower anxiety, and help us connect better with other people, which in turn contribute to a better quality of life.

However, many people are caught in the fray of a life that moves too quickly from one task to another, leaving little time for fun. This way of life is out of balance, as reflected by the apparent need we have as a society to use artificial means for relief: alcohol, shopping, overeating, drugs and myriad pharmaceuticals designed to alleviate pain, whether physical, mental or spiritual.

These methods have been an attempt to erase discomfort. But the root cause remains under the surface, never quite disappearing. An alternative is to have fun. Laugh more! Within this act of having fun and laughing, profound healing occurs.

Many people are on autopilot, going through the motions to get by, so just being aware of all the things you do each day that pull you out of your natural state of joy is a good beginning. Say yes to more of the activities you like and say no to the others.

To bring more lighthearted energy into your life, do at least one thing every day that uplifts you. I have a friend who starts his day off with laughter by going to his favorite online joke sites and learning a new joke. He then makes sure he tells the new joke he learned to at least one person during the day. His friends and colleagues know about this and seek him out during the day to hear the latest joke. It’s very simple, and it works. What is something you could do each day that would bring yourself a smile?

Christina Grant, PhD

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