How to Have Youthful Radiant Skin (Guest Post)

What if we encouraged people to age as nature intended, holding in high regard their life experience, knowledge and the wisdom they have to offer? I’d much rather sit at the knee of a wise old grandmother whose face is etched and deeply lined than be with a woman who tries to erase all of her character to keep up with our society’s obsession with youth.

I suppose it depends on what you value – the superficial or deeper layers. On the surface, we can skip around, noncommittal, carefree. Depths are darker, remote, mysterious, maybe even dangerous. Who knows? We don’t go there often.

Apparently, we prefer the superficial. It dominates our lives through images, media, art, television, movies and other entertainment: sexy young women, virile men, great hair, white teeth, flat belly, cleavage, perky behind, smooth skin. Can you get along and not cause problems? Perfect! You’re hired.

After a while, it becomes part of our unconscious: young = good, old = bad.

Where is the balance in all of this? Certainly we haven’t found it yet. We see Hollywood “role models” taking great care to sculpt their faces and bodies so they’ll remain young and firm. Who and what does this benefit other than the deep pockets of the beauty industry and the deeper cultural shame regarding the aged?

And yet, my mind is just as oriented toward youth and beauty as anyone’s. I look in the mirror at fine lines and wrinkles, the dreaded brow furrow, and I secretly say to myself, “Maybe I should make an appointment for Botox.”

But how can I do it when I’m a proponent of the holistic path? Of course I want great skin and a youthful appearance but not through harsh chemicals or surgery. Besides, what I truly value isn’t the look of youth but the natural radiance that can glow from a person no matter what their age. And I want the wisdom and grace of the aging process to be honored, instead of dreaded.

Enter Scott-Vincent Borba, author of Skintervention and voice of reason among Hollywood’s elite. A celebrity esthetician, Borba teaches how to develop more youthful skin, and he does it in a way I can endorse. He believes that inner health is seen in your outer appearance, and that you can be confidently gorgeous from the inside out at any age. Thus, his book includes valuable information such as

  • Which ingredients in your skin care products are most effective, whether your concern is anti-aging, sensitivity, or breakouts.
  • Which everyday products sabotage your skin.
  • Which nutritious, anti-aging items to keep in your pantry and refrigerator.
  • Food cures for fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Skin-Savvy recipes (beautifully illustrated).
  • DIY facials and treatments.
  • What to do about chocolate, alcohol and French fries. (It’s not what you might think!)

The book also includes a helpful Q & A section addressing skin concerns at every age and a week-long VIP beauty plan to get yourself “Red-Carpet Ready.” In short, it’s about getting and maintaining attractive, healthy skin simply by taking good care of it – not applying things or doing things to it to make it something it’s not.

So, if you’ve been thinking about your own skin and its youthful (or not so youthful) appearance, I can definitely recommend taking advice from Skintervention. I think you, too, will find it inspiring to find an entertainment industry expert who promotes holistic, healthy solutions for beautiful skin at any stage of life.

Christina Grant, PhD

Read more by Dr. Grant on her blog, Dr. Grant Holistic



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