What’s Good Food to a 7 Year Old?

Chatting with one of our clients after her recent appointment, we got to talking about some of the great documentaries about food and the food industry that have been made over the past decade – from Super Size Me to Food, Inc. – and TV shows such as Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. This, of course, got us talking about kids’ attitudes toward food.

Marcy, our client, told us about her daughter Daisy and how she is already, at the age of 7, a cheerleader for healthy eating. She’s all about fresh fruits and vegetables, Marcy said, and hates the hyper-processed stuff such as fast food. And, she added, what’s great is how Daisy wants others to know how good fresh produce feeds the body better than things like Go-Gurt and Fruit Rollups and other faux food.

“Right on,” said one of our staff members. “You know, if she ever wants to give healthy eating a shout-out on our blog, I’d love it.” We all agreed.

So this blog post comes courtesy of Daisy Hendricks, who recently gave us a picture to share with you all.



Thanks, Daisy, for helping spread the word – not only about what kinds of foods are good for you but reminding grown-ups about how smart kids can be. You rock!


Names given & image used with client’s permission.

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