“I Do Not Understand Why People Should Brush Teeth”

Talk and reality shows have long exploited our interest in weird, extreme and destructive human behavior. Think shows like Hoarding: Buried Alive and My Secret Addiction.

And some people are proud to raise their freak flag – even if it grosses out, creeps out or otherwise triggers WTF reactions. This is apparently the focus of a South Korean TV show called Martian Virus, which this month featured an episode with a rather disgusting dental theme.

According to an item in the Singapore Straits Times,

The show is to introduce a girl whose habit does match her beautiful outward appearance. Known as ‘Cutey Yellowish,’ she stopped brushing her teeth a decade ago. The last time she remembers doing so was when her mother brushed teeth for her.

‘I do not understand why people should brush teeth, as it is not like others will look into your mouth,’ said Ji Hyun Ji, 20. ‘As food scraps pile on, they will actually protect my teeth.’

Well, that’s a novel theory.

The article adds that “she only wipes her front teeth with tissue on ‘special’ occasions.”

Reminds us of a certain celeb who boasted of as much but said she preferred Listerine and a sweater for taking care of her “extremely powerful” teeth, as she described them.

As for the curious case of Cutey Yellowish, you can see the episode here – without English subtitles, unfortunately.

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