What Would You Do to Get Sparkly White Teeth?

Whatever you do, don’t follow this dude’s lead (via Utica’s Observer Dispatch):

A Utica man was charged after police said he stole almost $230 worth of tooth brushes, tooth paste and cough medicine from Chanatry’s on French Road.

Police responded at about 2:25 p.m., and Officer Brian French soon after would arrest Jose Polanco, 36, of Lowell Ave, and charge him with misdemeanor petit larceny, based on the signed complaint of the store manager, police said.

What’s with the cough syrup? It could stain your teeth. Then you’d just need to steal more toothpaste and toothbrushes.

Joking aside, regular home hygiene – at minimum, brushing and flossing – and regular dental visits are your best bet for keeping a healthy, attractive smile. (For smile brightening, there are some bleach-free ways of doing so, though if you opt for whitening, it’s best done by a dental professional.) In addition to cleaning and examining your teeth, gums and other oral tissues, your dentist and his or her staff can give you tips for keeping them healthy and looking good – tips specific to your dental situation, that take into account things like your diet and other lifestyle choices that can affect oral health.

They may also give you a free toothbrush, floss and other cleaning tools so you don’t need to go knocking over any supermarkets. Nice, eh?

Image by TheTherapist, via Flickr

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