Stat!: Brush & Floss as I Say, Not as I Do?

  • Percent of Americans who would be “most disturbed” if their romantic partner went without deodorant for a week: 24
  • Percent who would be “most disturbed” if they went without brushing or flossing for a week: 59
  • Percent of Americans who would grade their own dental hygiene at grade C or lower: 58
  • Percent of Americans who floss and say that it makes their gums bleed: 57
  • Number who think “a little blood in the sink” after brushing their teeth is “normal” (it’s not): 1 in 3*

Source: WaterPik Sexy Smile Survey media release, except * ADA/Crest/Oral-B survey media release

Image by ya_rayah_2007, via Flickr

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