Biosis 33: Disease & the Biological Terrain, Time & Priorities, & More!

The May 2011 issue of Biosis, our quarterly newsletter, is now online. In this issue:

  • JoAnne’s Motivational Minute: Time & Priorities

    The key to planning is prioritization. When you prioritize, you make the time you need for work, play and rest. The more you plan, the more time you find you have. Not literally more, of course – we only have those 86,400 seconds [in each day]. But they take greater value when we invest them according to our needs and desires – and act on that investment.

  • Dr. Verigin’s Comment: Which Comes First, the Pathogenic Microbe or the Disordered Terrain?

    Your life starts to take shape long before you’re born, influenced by things like your parents’ choices (diet, drug use and so on) and genetic heritage. But genetics don’t dictate your fate so much as predispose you. They’re like a loaded gun, harmless until triggered. So someone with an “Alzheimer’s gene,” say, may never develop the disease – unless something triggers the gene. Whatever that something is, it depends on one thing: a disordered biological terrain.

  • From Our Blog: What’s Good Food to a 7 Year Old?

    Chatting with one of our clients after her recent appointment, we got to talking about some of the great documentaries about food and the food industry that have been made over the past decade – from Super Size Me to Food, Inc. – and TV shows such as Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. This, of course, got us talking about kids’ attitudes toward food. Marcy, our client, told us about her daughter Daisy and how she is already, at the age of 7, a cheerleader for healthy eating.

Read Biosis #33 now.

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