“Buy Fresh, Buy Local” in the San Joaquin Valley

By now, you’ve seen the USDA’s new and maybe/maybe not improved nutrition graphic, MyPlate, right?

Wait. That’s the baseball edition (via Food Politics).

This, of course, is MyPlate:

Yes, there have been valid criticisms made about the graphic – here, here and here, for example – but taking the broad view, the clearer emphasis on vegetables and fruit is a welcome change.

One of the perks of living and working where we do – a small town in California’s Central Valley – is access to fresh, local produce and other food, organic and otherwise. From produce stands to farmer’s markets to buying direct from farms, we have a lot of options.

And now there’s a useful guide to it: Buy Fresh, Buy Local (PDF). Created by the Central California Regional Obesity Prevention Program and the Community Alliance with Family Farmers, this small booklet offers more than just a directory of farms and vendors in San Joaquin Valley counties (Fresno, Kern, Kings, Madera, Merced, San Joaquin, Stanislaus and Tulare).

Via the Modesto Bee,

The guide has information on farmers markets, crop seasons, home gardening and shopping for fresh food on a tight budget.

“Buying smart, cooking creatively and knowing where fresh produce is available are all ways to help you eat healthy and local, no matter what your budget is,” the guide says.

The guide includes dairy, fruit, nuts, vegetables, eggs, honey and other goods.

We encourage all our clients to download and use a copy – even if you come from outside the San Joaquin Valley, as a good many do. Who knows? You might want to pick up some fresh farm goods before returning home after your appointments with us!

Of course, guides are available for other California counties and regions, as well – NorCal and SoCal alike. All are available for free download from CAFF.

Looking for fresh, local food outside of California? Flat Frog Blog offers a terrific set of links to online resources for finding local food.


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