Post-Menopause Risk of Tooth Loss, & Other News of Note

Tooth Loss Risk Quantified in Post-Menopausal Women (Medical News Today)

New research forecasts that over one in four post-menopausal women are likely to suffer from tooth loss over a five year period.

A study of over 1,000 post-menopausal women indicates that around one in four are likely to suffer tooth loss over a five year period, and the risk increases to nearly 90 per cent if other risk factors are present, especially diabetes and if they smoke.

Previous studies have potentially linked the menopause to tooth loss because of factors such as bone loss and oestrogen deficiency. The impact of the menopause may go some way to explain why women more often suffer from tooth loss, despite generally having better oral health than men…MORE


Experts Grow Whole Tooth Units Using Mouse Stem Cells (Reuters)

Scientists in Japan said on Wednesday they have created teeth – complete with connective fibers and bones – by using mouse stem cells and successfully transplanted them into mice, a step they hope will lead to progress in stem cell research.

The entire tooth units, which were inserted into lower jaws of mice, attached successfully with jaw bones and the rats were able to chew normally, the researchers wrote in a paper in PLoS One (Public Library of Science).

“The bioengineered teeth were fully functional…there was no trouble (with) biting and eating food after transplantation,” wrote Masamitsu Oshima, assistant professor at the Research Institute for Science and Technology, Tokyo University of Science…MORE


Firm Says Oral Cancer Test Was Derailed (UPI)

Corporate giant Johnson & Johnson suppressed sales of an oral cancer test to protect the image of best-seller Listerine, court papers filed in New Jersey say.

The company ordered its subsidiary OralPharma Inc., to market the cancer test only to dentists least likely to buy it following discovery of a 2008 report from Australia that linked Listerine to oral cancer, court papers say…MORE


Some “Green” Detergents Contain Petrochemicals (CBC)

Of the three most popular brands — Clorox GreenWorks, Purex Natural Elements and Sunlight Green Clean — both Purex and Sunlight’s products were found to contain petrochemicals, despite their “green” claims.

CBC News commissioned an independent lab to analyze the three detergents.

Sunlight Green Clean says it “includes” plant-based ingredients in its detergent and that they have “found a more eco-conscious alternative to just petro-chemical surfactants.”

But a test on their product found that along with plant-based ingredients, 38 per cent of their detergent content comes from petroleum…MORE


Teflon Component Linked to Arthritis (Reuters)

High blood levels of a man-made chemical used in non-stick coatings were associated with a raised risk of arthritis in a large new study of adults exposed to tainted drinking water.

Researchers found that people with the highest levels of perfluorooctanoate (PFOA) in their blood were up to 40 percent more likely to develop arthritis than people with lower blood levels more typical of the general U.S. population…MORE


Is Meditation the Push-up for the Brain? (MedicalXpress)

Two years ago, researchers at UCLA found that specific regions in the brains of long-term meditators were larger and had more gray matter than the brains of individuals in a control group. This suggested that meditation may indeed be good for all of us since, alas, our brains shrink naturally with age.

Now, a follow-up study suggests that people who meditate also have stronger connections between brain regions and show less age-related brain atrophy. Having stronger connections influences the ability to rapidly relay electrical signals in the brain. And significantly, these effects are evident throughout the entire brain, not just in specific areas… MORE

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